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Mammoet Terminal Crane MTS 15

IE Altyn Yoda jointly with its strategic partner Mammoet entered into a lease agreement for the MTS 15 terminal crane (Mammoet Terminal Crane), which will be operated by IE Altyn Yoda at berth No. 16 (7) of the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port.

MTS 15 quickly and easily turns any pier into a terminal for lifting heavy loads, providing a new way for transporting heavy components on the waterways. A specially designed combination of properties of MTS-15 makes it ideal for small berths and other water locations where conventional heavy lifting equipment cannot work. It has low ground pressure of 10 tons per m2, which can be further reduced by the use of load balancers. Loading and unloading of heavy standard loads becomes possible without the need to strengthen the berth.

The smart design of MTS 15 solves another potential logistical problem: there is no need for costly transportation of ballast to the site. As ballast water is used, available at any site. Water in the amount of 520 tons is filled in water bags, which are then placed in twenty containers in which the crane itself was previously delivered. This simple counterweight system makes ballast adjustment easy.

MTS 15 has the following characteristics:

  • Carrying capacity of 600 metric tons in a radius of 25 m

  • Cargo moment - 15000tm

  • 1.6 m / min lifting speed with four 22-ton winches

  • Radius up to 41m

  • Low ground pressure of 10 tons per t / m2

When the crane is installed, the goods can be lifted without involving a large crawler crane or a floating heavy crane. According to its technical characteristics, the MTS-15 is comparable to a caterpillar crane with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons. This makes logistics easier, safer and more connected, saving customer’s time and money.

All personnel servicing technical means and equipment of IE Altyn Yoda comply with the most stringent international safety standards and undergo a rigorous training program to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.


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