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Loading a crane onto a barge

In November 2019, our company carried out work on unloading a crane from railway platforms to a barge. A crane weighing 46 tons arrived at the port of Turkmenbashi in an unassembled form on the railway platforms, after supplying the wagons to the port, we performed work on loading the crane onto the barge and assembling it.

Loading was carried out on a barge in the presence of a German specialist engineer. First of all, the crane engine room was loaded according to the drawings of the Customer, agreed with the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

The second stage of work was the unloading of the crane tracks, which were installed and attached directly to the engine room (crane base). After installing both tracks, the crane engine was started and its functionality was tested.

At the end of the work, we installed and welded a special emphasis under the crane boom, for laying the crane boom when transporting the barge into the sea.

The final stage after unloading the crane from the platform to the barge, our company completed the customs clearance of the crane.

The customer was completely satisfied with the work performed.


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