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Dangerous cargo transportation

One of the specializations of our company is the transportation of dangerous cargoes. For bulk chemical cargoes special chemical tanks (acid trucks) are used, for various containers, barrels (eurocubes) - trailers.

From December 2017 until February 2020 transportation was carried out from the Turkmenabat chemical plant named after S.A. Niyazov:

- sulfuric acid for industrial needs: textile enterprises of the Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan; Turkmenbashi jeans complex, Sakarchage ginnery in Mary region, ES “Ak suw” and IE “Sahy Doganlar”; “GAP Inşaat Ýatirim we Diş Tiçaret A.Ş.”, “Rönesans Endüstri Tesisleri Inşaat Sanaýi we Tiçaret Anonim Şirketi”.

For the company “Petroleum Services Global DMCC”, 26 trips by trucks were carried out to transport hydrochloric acid from Samandepe etrap to Yashyldepe etrap of the Lebap province.

Transportation of sulfuric and hydrochloric acid related to the cargo of hazard category 8 was carried out in compliance with safety rules.

Safety and timeliness of the transport of dangerous cargoes is our main task!


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