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MTS - Turkmenistan

In 2019, more than 600 orders for transportation and handling operations of the MTS-Turkmenistan were completed. The work was carried out in all major cities, regions and towns, including remote and mountainous areas of Turkmenistan.

The scope of work consisted of transportation, loading and unloading of containers at the destination, work on moving and organizing equipment and machinery in warehouses, removal of dismantled equipment to utilization enterprises.

In the course of the work, such vehicles as GAZ, KAMAZ, a semi-trailer, a forklift truck, a truck crane (with a boom over 25m), and vehicles with specialized axles for driving in hard-to-reach areas were used.

All work was carried out in accordance with the safety regulations and environmental protection of Turkmenistan.

As a result of the coordinated and organized actions of IE Altyn Yoda stuff, positive reviews and new agreements were reached by the MTS-Turkmenistan company.



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