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About Us

Individual Enterprises «Altyn Yoda» was registered on 26 August, 2011 .

The founder is Akgayev Begenchmuhammet, and the Director of the company is Dovran Melejayev.

Since the establishment of «Altyn Yoda», its offices were opened in all provinces of Turkmenistan, it has partners in the CIS, Europe and Asia. We have agents in major ports such as " Olya" (Russia), "Poti"(Georgia), "Baku" (Azerbaijan), " Ambarli " and " Mersin " (Turkey),  "Yokohama"( Japan), " Huang Pu " and " Shekou " (China),  "Turkmenbashi" (Turkmenistan) , which allows you to quickly bring the goods without reducing the quality of services.

IE «Altyn Yoda» is licensed for the following activities:

- license for cargo shipping in road transport;

- license for freight forwarding activities in road transport;

- license for freight forwarding activities in the maritime and river transport;

- license for agency in maritime transport;

- License for brokerage activities in maritime transport;

- License for Custom clearance;

- License for construction work;

- License for road design.

We are active in the market of cargo transportation and freight forwarding, as well as in providing our customers with a full range of transportation and freight forwarding services: transport of goods by road, rail, sea and air transport.

At the same time, having construction activity, IE «Altyn Yoda» independently carries out the construction of bypass roads on the whole route for project and oversized cargo.

Provision of services for the maintenance and repair of ships take a special place in the economic activity of  IE «Altyn Yoda». Having a trained and certified personnel, we provide three methods of maintenance ( technical service) for ship machinery, including for engines :

1. Reactive maintenance - before the advent of failure;

2 . Preventive maintenance - preventive maintenance or service in accordance with the plan;

3 . Predictive maintenance - maintenance by the condition.

Our employees - a close-knit team of qualified professionals,  who clearly and quickly performs their task. Thanks to their well-coordinated and well- constructed every day work, we keep up the existing status of the transport company of high class. There is a special program of education and training for all of our employees, so that they are constantly improving and enhancing their professional knowledge. This gives us the ability to always keep up with the times, expanding the number of services and improve their quality.

IE «Altyn Yoda» is constantly working to expand its route network, exploring more and more regions. Affordable cost of our services allows our clients to save their money and time resources.

Thus, combining old traditions and innovative technology, we achieve the best results.

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