Terminal Crane MTC-15

Working in places only accessible via «the path less travelled», throws many challenges for transporting heavy cargo and IE «Altyn yoda» loves a challenge. With the MTC 15, we have created a unique piece of heavy lifting equipment which can open up better routes for moving heavy loads. In addition to its maximum lifting capacity of 600 tons, it has a maximum load moment of 15,000 ton meter, comparable to a 1,250 ton crawler crane. No other heavy lifting device on the market combines the MTC 15 features with such high lifting capacity. It also provides quick lifting and boom movements, with a lifting speed of up to 1.6 m/min delivered by four 22 ton winches.

Working with «Altyn yoda» guarantees high levels of quality and safety. Both by working with clients to optimize their logistics chains and by providing the highest quality equipment and professionals, «Altyn yoda» can help improve safety and reduce, environmental risks. Our expertise enables us to identify opportunities at the planning, preparation and execution stages of each project to reduce waste, use less energy and manage risks safely. Our experience allowing us to use less energy and with highest quality to manage risks during planning, preparation and implementing each project. Using the MTC 15 limits the environmental impacts of a project by reducing transport and using materials on site. The MTC 15 has also been constructed by reusing steel from previous cranes, reducing its environmental footprint. Using sand or water on-site for ballast reduces environmental impacts further.

All personnel maintaining equipment of «Altyn yoda» is conform to international safety standards and training program to provide maximum safety and efficiency. The MTC features typical crane control systems such as angle sensors, boom stops and a ballast indication system all of which contribute to a safety system which warns the operator if there are problems detected and will stop the operation if safe limits are exceeded.